Tobias Djuren


K-Surfaces: Bézier-Splines Interpolating at Gaussian Curvature Extrema (2023) ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. of Siggraph Asia)
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Gauss Stylization: Interactive Artistic Mesh Modeling based on Preferred Surface Normals (2021) Computer Graphics Forum
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	abstract = {Abstract Extending the ARAP energy with a term that depends on the face normal, energy minimization becomes an effective stylization tool for shapes represented as meshes. Our approach generalizes the possibilities of Cubic Stylization: the set of preferred normals can be chosen arbitrarily from the Gauss sphere, including semi-discrete sets to model preference for cylinder- or cone-like shapes. The optimization is designed to retain, similar to ARAP, the constant linear system in the global optimization. This leads to convergence behavior that enables interactive control over the parameters of the optimization. We provide various examples demonstrating the simplicity and versatility of the approach.},
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